Nordic Scoot Championship


Friday, April 21st 4PM to 9PM

  • Open park / Meet the riders

Saturday, April 22nd

  • 10.00 Park & tradeshow open + registration PRO & AM
  • 12.00 AM run 1 
  • 13.00 warm up PRO ISA qualifer
  • 13.15 PRO run 1
  • 15.00 AM run 2
  • 16.00 Warm up PRO
  • 16.15 PRO run 2
  • 17.45 AM finale (best 15 riders)
  • 18.00 Tradeshow closes
  • 18.15 PRO finale warm up
  • 18.30 PRO finale run 1 (best 15 riders)
  • 19.00 PRO finale run 2
  • 20.00 Price award
  • 22.00 After party
  • 24.00 Park closes

No helmet no riding in contests.

Sunday, April 23rd - 10AM to 4PM

  • 10.00 Park & tradeshow open + registration BEGINNERS
  • 11.00 Photo & signing session with PRO riders
  • 12.00 BEGINNERS run 1
  • 13.00 AJ Bowl Jam
  • 13.30 Ethic Rail Jam
  • 14.00 BEGINNERS run 2
  • 15.00 PRO show & tradeshow closes
  • 15.30 Price award
  • 16.00 Park closes


Sign up for entrance and/or contest.


  • Normal park fee DKK50 for all riders


  • PRO registration DKK150

  • AM registration DKK50

  • Entrance for riders with scooters DKK25

  • Entrance spectators without scooters free


  • Normal park fee DKK50 for all riders


You can get cheap accommodation (without food) at the nearby Sct. Joergen school, Helligkorsvej 42A, Roskilde

School opening hours:

  • Friday 16.00-24.00
  • Saterday 00.00-12.00 & 20.00-24.00
  • Sunday 00.00-10.00

You have to leave the school Sunday no later than 10.00. 


ISA PRO comp

  • 1st place €1000

  • 2nd place €500

  • 3rd place €250

AM (intermidiate)

  • Prizes for 1st - 8th place


  • Prizes for 1st - 8th place

Bowl jam

  • Winner €100



The Pro category is based on ability. A rider shouldn’t be excluded just because they aren’t sponsored. For safety reasons the competition organiser has the right to remove any rider who they feel is not good enough to compete at pro level. The below is a guide to how the ISA recognize a pro rider.

  • Riders registered as pro or top level with their national association.

  • Brand and sponsored riders.

  • A rider that has proven pro competition experience and is known to officials.

  • Has proof of placing in the top 3 of more than 3 Intermediate comps.Is good enough to compete and the officials are happy for the rider to do so.

There are no age restrictions to compete however riders younger that 16 (or whatever national laws dictate) will require parent consent forms to be signed. Riders and parents are advised to check with the competition organiser.

Any rider that has ridden in the Pro category can’t then ride in a lesser category at a later date in any ISA recognised comp. The rider will therefore remain a pro rider for the duration of the season.

AM (intermediate) 

  • Riders that have good comp experience but are not quite pro level.

  • Can be sponsored or unsponsored, a flow or team rider.

  • The category is also based on ability and previous comp experience.

  • Riders may not have competed in ISA-PRO competitions


  • The category is based on ability and less or none previous comp experience.

  • Riders may not have taken part in more than 3 competitions.
  • Riders may not have competed in ISA-PRO or AM competitios.

  • Riders can't  be sponsored or teamriders.


Each judge will score a rider based on the below criteria. They will use the below as a guide to calculate a score between 1 and 100. 

Difficulty – 25

  • Tricks that are difficult to execute

  • Technical tricks

  • Difficult lines within the park

  • Large gaps or high airs will also be taken into account

Diversity – 25

  • A run consisting of various types of tricks

  • Using the park to its full capability

  • Using the park in ways that other competitors are not

  • The more varied the run and the more obstacles

Consistency – 25

  • Tricks completed without placing foot on floor.

  • The smoother the run with minimal crashes

  • Golden rule of thumb is that 3 to 5 points should be taken per fail

  • No rider is to be placed in the 90’s if one or more failed tricks

Style – 25

  • Confidence that is shown is a riders run

  • Originality & attempting a different second run

  • Attempting something different from others riders

  • A rider that completes an entertaining run

  • A rider that makes tricks look easy and effortless

Note: Style is not street or park or what a rider wears. It’s if two riders throw the same trick, the rider that does it bigger, better and smoother will be marked higher.
Judges can deduct or reduce a score should a rider show a lack of sportsmanship!